When you exercise, you don't just lose water, you lose vital nutrients & minerals. To properly rehydrate, your body requires more than just water - it needs essential electrolytes.

When it comes to your workout sessions, the amount of sodium you lose is unique to you and influenced by factors like your physiology, training conditions and sweat rate. You can lose anywhere up to 1,000mg per hour during a solid workout. Now, picture yourself checking out a product that only contains 200mg or 300mg of sodium – it falls a bit short, doesn't it?

Introducing SUPERnatural Supersalty Electrolytes, our creation to step up your sodium and electrolyte game. We've prioritized a clean and high-performance approach, leaving out unnecessary processed ingredients, sugar, and artificial additives. Our solution is all about quick and effective rehydration.

It's like combining the power of science with nature, giving you the best of both worlds. Get ready to replenish and revive with SUPERnatural Supersalty Electrolytes!

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